Service Dog Training Program

At Aberdeen Acres, Our Dogs Bring Life Freedom!

Case Studies Program Details ADA Compliance

Service Dogs for the Deaf and Hearing-Impaired

Stevie is a four-year-old who is deaf and speaks with American Sign Language (ASL).
Aberdeen Acres trained Tanner, a twenty-week-old Golden Retriever, to respond to ASL.  Commands included heel, sit, down, stay, and come.
Stevie and Tanner are continuing their education together at Aberdeen Acres.

Service Dogs for Cerebral Palsy

Bradley is a seven-year-old with cerebral palsy.  Bradley and Coco learn to work together.

Coco helps with Bradley's therapy by retrieving articles Bradley throws on the floor.

This enhances Bradley's range of motion.  Coco also helps Bradley to walk by supporting his weight.

Service Dogs for Muscular Dystrophy

Lisa suffers from muscular dystrophy and has periodic fainting spells.
Her dog Ajay was trained to support Lisa during a fainting spell and get her to a chair.
Ajay went through Basic Obedience and Service Dog Training at Aberdeen Acres.

Service Dogs for Autism

Sandy, a female Labrador Retriever was trained for an eight-year-old boy who suffers from autism.  She completed Basic Obedience and Extended Off-Leash Obedience at Aberdeen Acres Pet Care Center when she was a puppy.
In this video, Sandy demonstrates basic obedience along with special commands such as:  "Bump", which is used to interrupt errant behavior; and "Calm", which is used to relax the young man, thus reducing salivary cortisol levels (a direct measure of stress in the human body). 
In addition, Sandy is trained to respond to a speech augmentation device, and is also trained to use the Service Dog Assistance Products (SDAP) Medical Alert Unit to summon medical and security assistance in the event her owner is incapacitated or injured.
Researchers have analyzed the benefits of service dogs for autistic children, and the results were confirmed by scientific studies.  The 2010 Salivary Cortisol Study (PDF) measured decreased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, in autistic children with service dogs.

Service Dogs for Mobility

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Zeus, a male German Shepherd from Cross Junction, Virginia demonstrates his 28 C.F.R. § 35.104, Subpart A Service Dog Training including:  forward, halt, down, sit, down-stay, sit-stay, recall, brace, and fall recovery. 
In addition, Zeus demonstrates being summoned to assist with recovery from a fall from distance. 
Zeus completed Basic Obedience and Extended Off-Leash Obedience at Aberdeen Acres Pet Care Center when he was a puppy.

Service Dogs for Bracing and Balance Assistance

Gage, a male Doberman Pinscher, practices his skills including heel, sit, sit-stay, stand, stand-stay, down, recall to the brace position, recall to the heel position, fall recovery, and agility with his owner after being trained by Aberdeen Acres Pet Care Center.

Service Dog Water Training

Sandy, one of the Service Dogs trained for autistic children by Aberdeen Acres Pet Care Center, learns to ride in a sea kayak on the Shenandoah River. 
Sandy's mision is to provide focus to the autistic child, helping him to remain calm while in the boat and to bump against the child should there be any errant behavior while the kayak is underway. 

Service Dog Light & Appliance Control

Aberdeen Acres trains dogs to use Service Dog Assistance Products (SDAP).  SDAP products allow service dogs or pets to easily control electrical, electronic and signaling devices such as lights, appliances, cell phones, security and medical alert systems and allow personal autonomy for those individuals experiencing challenges, implementing end of life care solutions or wishing to add ease and convenience to their daily routines.
The SDAP System allows service dogs and pets to be trained to operate a single, easy-to-use trigger switch. Under the switch are custom-designed electrical or electronic devices and circuits which are programmed to turn on and off an infinite number of hard-wired or wireless household or commercial appliances.

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